Sunday, June 28, 2015

Making Efforts For A Jerk

I was so happy that I got 16 views! But it was me all along. LOL. Anyways, I'm happy to be back. I was so busy about schoolwork and before my homework starts to poke me, I have something to share with you.  I got myself rejected again. Like I'm not getting used to it. But seriously, I was left by the man who I thought has still feelings for me. And it was just a one-day conversation. But for me it was forever, I never thought that it would struck me this much since I've been in the situation many times. I just don't know guys. Maybe I sound like a desperate teenager who wants to have a boyfriend, but I'm not like that. I just don't get it, why would he talk to me like we're old pals and flirting like two love birds. Or I assumed that hard? Which is why, I'm dying to know the answer. I want to ask him but I'm too afraid. I don't know why I'm afraid of asking him how he feels about me but how can I?He always leave me like a lost puppy on a crowded street. Ugh, self-pity. I even sent him a selfie which would kill my dignity if it wasn't for him. I played the song he wanted me to listen. I even watched the fucking music video on Youtube. Gosh, he's so naive. He's confusing and that makes me want to know him more even though I knew him that much  before. And by the way, he's my ex. Yes, can someone yell at me that I don't need him? Thank you. Maybe that's the thing about exes. You can never be friends with someone you fell inlove with. Now that he's back ignoring me again, Just remember, Mr. Ex, that if you'll start talking to me like that again, I deserve someone better and I'll never be the same girl you knew. This situation must have an end, and I'll be the one to stop this. Whining about you when I still have many things to do. And because of that, I must go. Homework, remember? Okay. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dead Rat

Have you ever felt contented and just plainly happy without any reason? Well, I do feel that way. Until now. Actually this day is actually worst. I'll just gonna add this to my other Worst Days again. It seems that our school smelled like a dead rat and it causes my stomach to ache. I just discovered that bad smell causes stomach ache. Just as I begin to complain about the smell I think that it was a good way to make a class end instantly. Our teachers also noticed the bad air and let us go earlier than the usual time. So, it's also an advantage to have a dead rat odor filling the entire school. It was also a good time for us to bond. Which made my day and I feel happy about it. Other girls whine about not having boyfriends and I don't get them. Are boyfriends really that necessary? Ugh. I hate those girls. Why can't they just find friends? Teenagers. I gotta go :) 

Hello Again

This might be a little strange since I've blogged a million years ago that I found myself wanting to write nonsense things about what is happening in my life. You might think I have a very sad life because I speak my thoughts here and that I don't have friends to share it with. Well ... no. I have lots of friends which are supportive and these people are gonna stick with me even in my toughest time. I'm here because I want to be like the book that I read, Girl Online (you must read the book!). I don't want to expect too much because I know that I will be the only person who will read this post. Well, notify me if you read this ;). Even if my grammar is wrong please don't bash me and I hope that you'll stick around. If you read this line, thank you for reading this boring post. And welcome back to me!