Friday, June 19, 2015

Dead Rat

Have you ever felt contented and just plainly happy without any reason? Well, I do feel that way. Until now. Actually this day is actually worst. I'll just gonna add this to my other Worst Days again. It seems that our school smelled like a dead rat and it causes my stomach to ache. I just discovered that bad smell causes stomach ache. Just as I begin to complain about the smell I think that it was a good way to make a class end instantly. Our teachers also noticed the bad air and let us go earlier than the usual time. So, it's also an advantage to have a dead rat odor filling the entire school. It was also a good time for us to bond. Which made my day and I feel happy about it. Other girls whine about not having boyfriends and I don't get them. Are boyfriends really that necessary? Ugh. I hate those girls. Why can't they just find friends? Teenagers. I gotta go :) 

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